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Kulasekara Pattinam Mutharammam Temple

This temple was constructed three hundred years ago by a certain community. But people worshipped Annai Mutharamman here during the time of King Kulasekarapandian. According to the temple lore, Annai appeared before the King, after that this place flourished to became a big city, and came to be known by his name as Kulasekarapattinam.

Holy Door

Presiding God :

Sri Gnana Moorthiswarar.

Presiding Goddess :

Annai Mutharamman.

God And Godness

Since sacred rivers mix in sea, sea water is known as Maha theertham. The sacred river Ganges flows into Bay of Bengal, which is near to this temple. So the sea around Bay of Bengal is considered to be the Holy water point of this temple. It is known as Gangai Kadal. It is believed that taking holy bath here is similar to taking holy bath in river Ganges. '

Gangai Kadal

This shrine is unique in that it has got all the three essential features Thalam (location), Murthy (Idol), and springs (theertham). According to temple lore the God and Goddess of this temple appeared as Suyambu.

Outer View

Inner View

Vinayagar Temple in the Temple.

Bus Services:
Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation operates Mofussil bus services from all major cities to Thiruchendur.
Bus service from Thiruchendur : Route No 7. Thiruchendur to Maignanapuram.
Route No 570, 572, 573 and 575 (Nagercoil)
Private bus service is also available.

Train Services:

Nearest railway station - Thiruchendur ( 12 Kms).

Air Services:

Nearest airport - Madurai.

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